Firehouse Subs 5-Gallon Pickle Bucket Just $3 (Benefits First Responders!)

Buy a Firehouse Subs Pickle Bucket to benefit first responders!

A firehouse subs pickle. bucket next to a fundraising sign for first responders

Firehouse Subs has an appetizing offer on the table! The popular sandwich shop is selling 5 gallon buckets and the proceeds go to benefit first responders.

Customers can now buy these buckets nationwide for just $3 a piece!

The chain is known for their dedication to first responders. The Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation provides life saving equipment and needed resources to first responders and community organizations. You can read about the full scope of their work on their website.

Woman holding a Firehouse Subs 5 Gallon Pickle Bucket

What can you use this Firehouse Subs Pickle Bucket for? Our Facebook followers had some clever ideas…

“I bought buckets like this from a laundromat probably 20 years ago and used them to keep dog food it. Works great with good lids and handles for lifting. Just an idea for anyone who might want to purchase one!” – Stacy

“That’s what I use them for. Keep insects out of dog food.” – Cora

“Reuse for buckets to plant veggies I grow zucchini out of these buckets I layer with rock sand soil an top with moss. They are perfect if you need to move them around the yard or a garden on the porch or deck, but you must drill holes on bottom an lower size bottom for drainage” – Livy Bug

“Soak with hot water for a few hours. Good scrub, and these are great for home brewing beer.” – Mike

“I use these for my rice and sugar that I buy in bulk. They are great due to the insulation.”Tasia

“I’ve been using one of these to brine holiday turkeys for years. It still smells like pickles. (It’s been at least 7 years).” – Jared

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