How To Make a Birthday Cake Box as a Thoughtful Donation Idea

Use this birthday cake box idea as a fun act of service using your stockpile of cake mixes and frosting or inexpensive non-perishables from Dollar Tree or Walmart.

putting candles in a birthday box

Here’s a thoughtful and affordable way to give back to your local community!

Consider compiling and donating birthday boxes that include all the items needed to celebrate someone’s birthday such as cake mix and frosting. Be sure to check with your local food bank beforehand, but this typically makes for a thoughtful and welcomed donation.

You can even make this a group activity! Involve your family, church, or scouting organization to collect supplies and make a bunch of birthday boxes.

woman holding cake in a box

What exactly is in a birthday cake box?

It’s a collection of festive birthday cake supplies using a disposable pan so that the recipient has everything they need to make a delicious cake. You can include a can of light-colored soda, such as Sprite, which is a common substitute for eggs and oil. Feel free to print a little note that says something like, “Bake as directed except substitute in the can of soda for the eggs and oil for convenience. The cake will be delicious. Enjoy!”

Include items in your birthday kit such as a cake mix, birthday candles, sprinkles to decorate, and even party supplies to make it extra special!

supplies on the counter for birthday in a box

The best part is this birthday cake box can be a very low-budget idea!

Feel free to grab supplies for cake boxes at Dollar Tree or Walmart. They will have cake mixes and frosting for just over $1 and lots of paper products and inexpensive party supplies. At these affordable prices, this makes for a frugal donation idea to a local shelter or food pantry. You could create this with your kiddos or with scout groups as a service project.

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birthday boxes cake supplies for donation

supplies for birthday box donation

woman compiling a birthday box

covering cake kits to donate

To compile, add all your items to the disposable cake pan and then wrap it using clear plastic wrap so all the items are visible. If your pan comes with a lid you could also just tape it shut. Add a little ribbon or bow to make it a bit festive.

compiling 2 cake kits to donate

This small act of kindness could really brighten someone’s day! 

You can donate your birthday in a box knowing someone will now be able to easily celebrate their child or family member’s birthday and have all the items on hand already. With everything going on in our world, if you are able to contribute, I think this is a thoughtful way to do so!

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